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The Arizona Balloon Club has been blessed with a wide variety of members, from all walks of life, who in one way or another contributed to the spirit and camaraderie of ballooning -
in Arizona as well as across the world.
Although since it's inception the Arizona Balloon Club
has lost many members to the skies above,
this page will list the members who have recently passed.

Submissions can be emailed to:

Tom Tope

Tom passed away January 7, 2015.

Long time AZ Balloon Club member, LTA pilot and all around good guy,
Tom always had a smile on his face and along with his wife Niki,
both were a big part of the club in the 80's & 90's. 

Roger Connor

Roger passed away December23, 2014

If there was anything to say about Roger, the common story would be of Roger appearing out of nowhere to help you pack away your balloon, and he would usually show up before your crew got there.  Before you knew it or could thank him, he was gone chasing down another balloon.  Looks like he's done it again.

Mike Sovey

Mike passed away August 25, 2014.

Mike was a long time member of the AZ Balloon Club and his fine spirit will surely be missed by all. 

Jim Newnam

Jim passed away June 30, 2014.

A good friend to all and always willing to help out. He was a kind person who enthusiastically contributed to the AZ Balloon Club in many ways.
Jim was proudly laid to rest at the AZ Veteran's Memorial Cemetery.

Jim Curran

Jim passed away February 7, 2014.

Jim was a long time member of the AZ Balloon Club.  Jim was an active member for many years and brought fun and laughter to the launch field.

Link to Online Obituary

JoAnn Hill

JoAnn passed away January 28th, 2014.

Joanne was a long time member and was a very active participant in our club's activities as a pilot, board member, newsletter editor since the 1980's.  This wonderful person with a kind heart will surely be missed.

Link to Online Guest Book

Hope Parker

Hope passed away September 24, 2013.

One incredible lady has passed from us and is surely off on another memorable adventure.  Click HERE for more details.

Willard "Bill" Dickinson

Bill passed away August 3, 2013

Bill crewed for many people in the club but mostly for the Woodhouses and Unicorn Balloon Company. He eventually obtained his LTA pilot's license and already held a glider license.

Vel Campbell

It is with a very heavy heart to announce that Vel Campbell,
beloved mother, wife, friend & long time ABC member passed 11/19/2012.

Vel's Obituary Link


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